CRO: Utilising User Feedback to Improve Conversion Rates

Feedback form: excellentConversion rate optimisation is focused on the factor that really matters in website design, development, and SEO: the user. These other techniques brought the searcher to you. Now you’ve got to keep them. Analytics and split and multivariate testing can help you glean invaluable data, but the best insight comes from users themselves. Using their feedback can help you improve conversion rates.

There are several effective platforms for managing user feedback, which can get unwieldy if you don’t have a comprehensive system in place. Here are a few tools to consider:

  • GetSatisfaction. The premium customer engagement platform allows you to reach customers on your website and via social and mobile features. Customers can have “guided conversations,” offer feedback, ask questions, share ideas, report problems, and much more. It is a tremendously rich platform. If you, for instance, sell bikes, customers can ask questions right on your website, such as, “Which is the best commuter bike?” They can then see answers from other real customers. There are a host of other features, making this a great choice to engage customers and empower influencers.
  • Crazy Egg. This is a different type of feedback tool which focuses on heatmaps. The tool tracks the elements on your pages so you can see “what’s hot and what’s not.” You can also take advantage of a scrollmap tool, which shows how far down the page people are traveling; an overlay tool, which shows the number of clicks for each element of a page; and a confetti tool, from which you can glean data on clicks you get segmented by referral  source, search term, and other factors. As of now, they are offer a free 30 day trial.
  • OpinionLab. This is another fully-loaded platform extends beyond your website. You can get feedback for mobile, emails, apps, ads, physical locations, and products as well. They offer opt-in (most popular) and more targeted approaches, and help businesses engage customers quickly and nip problems in the bud. In a time when customer complaints can go viral, this tool helps you stay in control and respond expeditiously.

There are a variety of other options out there, varying in features and price points. They can be pricy, but it is an investment in your business. If you can eliminate money-wasters and focus on site elements and marketing tactics that actually bring in revenue and increase conversion rates, then you’ll see an ROI.


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