Create Embed Codes for Infographics: Content worth Sharing

Woman Using ComputerContent is king. In 2014, it’s time to amend this famous and oft-repeated mandate. How about “shareable content is king”? What good is content if it is static, if it stays in its kingdom on a lonely website? We have the potential to put our content in front of the eyes of a much broader audience. Infographics are an ideal tool: they are visually appealing, immediately engaging, short and concise, and easy to share not only on social platforms but on other websites. Make sharing easy by embedding a codes into your infographics. Here’s the why and how.

The Why:

Embed codes:

  • Make it easy to share your infographic.
  • Provide links back to your website.
  • Are, thanks to magic and modern technology, simple to generate.

The How:

When you have an infographic, it will typically be too large to fit within your webpage, so you have to resize it. The smaller version is a preview, if you will, for viewers. Create a full res version and provide a link for viewers to click on so they can view the image in all its glory. That way, they don’t have to pull out the magnifying glass to read it. A helpful tip: make sure the link opens in a new window so their experience on your site is not interrupted.

There are two ways to generate the embed codes. One is to simply use a code generator. If you run a WordPress site, for instance, you can install an embed code generator and, within a few clicks, you have your code. One such plugin is the aptly named “Embed Code Generator.”  There are other tools, as well, for non-WordPress sites that you can find online. Another option is to take a little time and write the code yourself.


  • Source URL (
  • Image URL: (
  • Title: (5 Tips for Sharing Infographics)
  • Image Alt: (embed codes infographics)
  • Courtesy of Site Name: (SEOisAwesome)
  • Courtesy of Site URL: (

Here’s a sample code:

<div sytle=”clear: both”><a href=><img align=”center” src= title=5 Tips for Sharing Infographics” alt=”embed codes infographics” border “0” /></a></div><br/><div>Courtesy of <a></a></div>

There are other elements you can include (such as image width and height), but this is the basic idea.

Most infographics on the web do not employ an embed code, and this is a missed opportunity. By embedding this code, you are helping others share your content and create rich backlinks to your website. There’s no excuse not to take this easy step- especially with the help of code generators! You’ve put in the work to create a great infographic – why not ensure as many people as possible experience it?

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