Craft Calls to Action That Convert

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Calls to Action are the essence of business online – ‘click here to learn more’, ‘add to your cart’, ‘donate now’, ‘download here’.  CTAs are found everywhere on the web, yet some are much more successful than others. There are mistakes to be made when asking someone to do something.  With these tips, you can ensure your CTA gets the desired result.

Be Clear and Concise With people so clearly distracted online, there is very little time to get your message across and get the desired response.  You must be clear with what you want a person to do because they aren’t going to take the time to figure it out. When you want someone to do something in live, you use action verbs – go, do, act, etcetera.  The same must be true online. Tell the viewer what you want him or her to do in a simple, straight-forward way.  It should only take two or three words to say exactly what you mean; to give direction.

Be Specific About the Gains to Be Had Why should the person do as you are asking?  What will they gain for having done so?  What sort of incentive are you offering that a competitor can’t provide.  Either as part of the link or in a description to the side, express in no uncertain terms what the person can expect upon clicking and why it is too good to miss out on.

Make it Urgent How often have you walked away from a deal because you figure the same value will be had tomorrow?  How often have you wondered if the sales will be better a week later?  If you want some to do something in the moment, you have to explain why it is an urgent matter. Consider adding the simple word ‘now’.  It’s small, but it’s powerful and gives your call to action a sense of time-sensitivity that it wouldn’t otherwise have.  Of course, there are also terms with even more enticement-factor, such as ‘while supplies last’, ‘first come, first serve,’ or ‘for a limited time only’.

Be Sure it is Seen If the point of the page is to get that person to act, then why would you hide the button or link that lets them do so?  Make it crystal clear by making it large, surrounded by open space, and starkly contrasted to the rest of the material on the page.  Additionally, be sure that people know that they can click on the button, photo or text that is meant to lead them forward.  A three-dimensional image of a button, for instance, is more likely to be clicked than a flat rectangle.

Make your CTA something that makes a person want to act and people will.



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