What Are Co-Branded Websites and Should You Have One?

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Conversion rate optimization has become a top priority for websites. You’ve heard it before, but the best visibility and the best SEO is useless if a site cannot get visitors to complete a desired call to action. One of the ways that you can boost conversion rates is to develop a co-branded website. What exactly is this, and how can it help with your CRO efforts?

You may have heard of co-branded credit cards; you may even have a few in your wallet right now. All this means is that a merchant or vendor has partnered with a credit card company to offer this card. The merchant is the dominant brand, but it is supported and given credibility by the distinctive CC company brand. This results in higher spending, increased card use, and encourages customers loyalty. It works in much the same way with websites.

In terms of a website, multiple brands appear together as a joint enterprise or are involved in selling one product or service. Nike and Apple, for instance paired up and created the Sports Kit, a wireless system that connects shoes and iPod. VW co-branded with Trek Bicycles and created the special edition Trek Jettaa, which came with a bike and rack. It works, too, with affiliate type situations. Users associate the affiliate with the major or parent brand and are more comfortable completing the CTA.

Additional benefits of co-branded websites include:

  • Cost savings.
  • Increased user confidence.
  • Improving product exposure.
  • Effective marketing of new products or services.
  • Increased association between both brands, conferring the benefits of one to the other.

There is a flipside to consider as well. Co-branding confers the benefits and drawbacks of one site to another. If one brand suffers a reputation crisis, it can affect the co-brand. As well, co-branding can be a difficult balance in terms of agreeing on a creative concept and putting out timely materials. When you can overcome these, co-branding may be a great way to increase your CRO and leverage another brand’s name and recognition.


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