China’s Baidu to Hire Silicon Valley Wizards

China’s search engine giant Baidu is going to hire software engineers directly from the US this month, as it seeks to enhance its technological capabilities and increase its global profile. While Google is waiting for the Chinese government to give it the green light for the renewal of its Internet content provier licence, Baidu is hyping its intention to hire up to 30 engineers directly from ‘Google territory,’ that is, the Silicon Valley, to help it expand overseas.

Currently Baidu has 8 000 employees, of which less than 10% are non-Chinese citizens. ‘As we develop more and more advanced search technologies, our need for world-class talent will only continue to increase. We will hire 30 mid-to-senior level software engineers from Silicone Valley at a job fair on July 10th. Baidu believes that talent is the key to our success as a company, and we go where ever the best talent can be found, whether here in China or in Silicon Valley’, said Zheng Bin, Baidu’s human resources director.

Google Vs Baidu

Not well-known overseas, Baidu is actually a household word in Chine. In fact, over 60% of the search market in China belongs to Baidu, and this move can be the first step towards its international expanse. However, marketers from around the world have already been using Baidu to influence Chinese users.

The hiring is significant as it demonstrates that Baidu, previously domestically focused, is eager to raise its profile overseas and leverage talent outside China.

The search giant, whose name is taken from an ancient poem, Baidu now dominates the world’s largest Internet market, with more than 75% market share by traffic. It is expected to win as much as half of Google China’s search revenue, which will bring as much as USD 330 million annually to Baidu’s top line, representing more than 50% increase on 2009 revenue of 4.45 billion yuan (USD 654.8 million). ‘The adoption of a new search keyword system has also boosted revenue growth, leading to the need for more software developers’, added Zheng Bin.

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