Cheap SEO Tactics That Aren’t Effective

It seems everyone is looking to save some cash here and there, and often that digital marketing budget takes the hit. There’s not a company out there that doesn’t want to believe it’s possible to do more with less. Unfortunately, many of your cheaper efforts may be a complete waste of time as well as any money you happen to spend on them. If you’re thinking of cheap SEO, here are a few tactics you don’t want to try.

  • Link Buying: When you start reading about SEO, you’re likely to initially read that links are everything. Backlinks are so incredibly valuable, you’ll see ads for them splashed almost everywhere. The problem? Buying those links isn’t actually going to get you the linking strategy you need. Amassing links is good, but only when it’s fair, and Google is vigilant about suspicious link activity, so be careful!
  • Press Releases: There’s a time and a place for press releases, and if you don’t have any news to offer, it’s not the time or the place to put out a press release. Sure, it’s cheap. Sure, it’s relatively quick. There are no easy ways to build good links, though, and press releases just for the sake of the link aren’t going to do you any favors.
  • Automated Content: More content is great, right? Not if the content itself isn’t valuable to your users. Search engines like Google once thought in terms of “Content, good, More content, even better.” That’s no longer the case. You have to write to build an audience that may actually want to link to your content.

SEO isn’t ever going to be cheap, fast, and easy again. It takes a solid amount of work to properly optimise your site, and that’s only going to get tougher as the months go by.


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