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Forget tweeting; we are now pinning. Twitter is still going strong in its niche, but Pinterest is an up-and-comer that is sparking conversation and buzz around the Internet. There are almost 11,000 Read more »

Turning from SEO specifically, we are going to look at a pressing issue that affects every IT-related business: the environmental impact of technology. Many times we think that computers can only be Read more »

Watch out, Facebook!  Google is reportedly planning a third-party commenting platform. It is supposed that this will rival – and indeed, mimic – the ubiquitous Facebook comments.  Read more »

In an effort to “level the playing field,” Google announced that it would be tweaking their search bots to look for “over-optimisation,” or sites that use too many keywords or appear to have too many Read more »

Last time, we touched on some ways that you can make your site more crawlable, or easy for Google’s bots to roam. Taking steps such as building a sitemap, slimming down your navigational structure, Read more »

Crawlability: it sounds like something that you don’t want to have.  Are you crawlable?  Good heavens, no!  But in the SEO world, crawlability is a desirable attribute.  It is the Read more »

The Wall Street Journal describes Google+ as a “virtual ghost town,” compared to Facebook.  Facebook users average 6 to 7 hours per month on that network; Google+ users spend only 3 minutes per Read more » Video Support

Last year, Bing, Yahoo, and Google collaborated to create, a language that allows webmasters to mark up text.  By doing so, they can write a rich snippet, which appears on search Read more »

One strategy that more websites are turning to is content curation and aggregation; it is no longer enough to have great content. You have to be able to point your visitors to other great content, to.. Read more »

Does SEO Work?

Not according to Jonathan Rockway. A post on Hacker News reads, “SEO isn’t good for users or the Internet at large.” Mr. Rockway also writes, “It’s a bug that you could rank highly in Google without.. Read more »

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