How Can You Encourage User Generated Content?

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If you want to see real organic growth, then you will want to encourage your readers, your customers, your clients to engage with you in a public forum.  Getting others to generate content on your page requires a bit of effort on your part.

Give Them the Tools If you want members of the public to interact, then give them the tools to do for.  Create a clear area for comments to be made, include social media buttons on your website, so people can easily share, like, =1, etcetera.  Nowadays, this is not a difficult thing to do.  The HTML code for these items can be found quickly via internet search and the addition to your articles and blog posts will likely lead to a boost to your organic growth.

Provide Teasers Those the invention of social media has demonstrated how willing people are to share and talking about things that interest them, there is also, very often, motivation for doing so.  Contests are a great way to give people a reason to generate content on your behalf.  The great part is that several free, online services are making it simple to build and maintain these giveaways.  Consider companies like Rafflecopter to assist you in creating the contest and offer prizes related to your area of expertise.  Authors might give away free ebooks or signed paperbacks, while a structural engineer could provide free blue prints of the most popular house layouts.

Know the Motivation Contests are an obvious draw for some people, but that is certainly not the only reason that people share content and talk about it on the web.  Topics that evoke emotion – whether it is an uplifting success story or an image that pulls at the heartstrings or something that simply makes a person laugh – are likely to be shared.  Similarly, many individuals are willing to act simply to showcase their involvement in a community.

Respond!  The greatest way to ensure that people keep generating content in response to your page is to take the time to read and respond.  Conversation is the ticket to real success in the social networking world.  Consider every comment and share the opportunity to engage a potential fan or customer.  A question should be answered, a complaint should be addressed to showcase your company’s stellar customer service, and even the simplest remark can provide a starting point for interaction.  Do not make the mistake of missing out.

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