Buzzing Your Way to SEO Stardom with Google Buzz

Google changed the way many think about the internet, and these days, when Google does something, almost everyone notices. Businesses work to decide how they can best use the change to their advantage, and Google Buzz is just another player in this ongoing game. Want to use it to enhance your SEO rankings? It is possible with these tips.
When Google does something, everyone takes notice.

They watch to see how Google’s new avenue fares and evaluate ways they can best use it to their advantage. Google Buzz is steadily on the rise and gives those looking to best utilize SEO yet another advantage in the field.

There are several reasons Google Buzz is earning top marks, but two have already come to the forefront: Crowdsourcing and Real Time Results. In the case of crowdsourcing, it’s great with Twitter already, but the challenge is getting people to follow after your “tweets,” which happens best when tweets are constantly flowing in. Google Buzz has more of a comment format and these comments end up directly in a user’s inbox instead of quickly pushed out as new comments flow in. That’s prove helpful to many. In the world of real time results, Twitter is instantaneous, and Google is looking for ways to not only match Twitter in that realm, but surpass it by offering up even more (even including Twitter as a main connection). Though items still do not appear quite right when it comes to Google’s results, there is no reason to doubt Google isn’t on top of it.

Here are two ways that are emerging now to help improve your SEO Buzz.

Indexing power. Rumours state that Google is ready and willing to index the links posted on Buzz. With links sticking around for longer than they would at other locations like Twitter, it can help give you a leg up when it comes to showcasing your business, so make certain that you have included a Buzz button with your new posts.

Keyword power. By checking out (a search engine for Google Buzz), you can see the most popular keywords right away, listed right under the search box as “popular searches.” Using this to your advantage can improve SEO .

An interesting combination between social networking for slackers and the pace of microblogging, Google Buzz can help your SEO when used smartly and efficiently.

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