Boeing Using SEO to Market Space Flights

Commercial space flights won’t be available to intrepid tourists until at least 2015 – if NASA can iron out funding details with the US Congress.  But that hasn’t stopped aviation giant from 

spreading the word about the Boeing Crew Transportation -100.  Space tourists will be able to purchase tickets for low Earth orbit journeys aboard the CST-100, which will deliver astronauts, private citizens, non-governmental organizations, and US Federal agencies to the International Space Station.

Boeing and space-tourism company, Space Adventures, acknowledge that marketing efforts can begin, even though the CST-100 is still only a mock-up.  While they remain mum about what such a marketing campaign would entail, it is certain that SEO will be a major component.  As with any other business, keyword selection will be key. Boeing and Space Adventures must determine how people are searching for space flight – or if they are.  Do consumers know that commercial LEO travel may become available sooner rather than later? Using data on how people search for this and related topics will help the companies target consumers and even better name their services.

A brand name for the commercial flight service will be crucial, and it is equally crucial that Boeing and Space Adventure focus on building this brand with consumers.  They will be intimately associated with space travel; they will be space travel, and when consumers search for this term, they will find the branded name. As it stands, the first results for “commercial space flights” bring viewers to sites for Virgin Galactic.  

Marketing to specific consumers is another strategy they will target.  Aaron Goldman, chief marketing officer at Kenshoos says, “How do you reach Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher?  Well, they’re on Twitter a lot.”

Should we expect to see space travel ads popping up on Facebook and Twitter?  They may be coming to a social media site near you in the near future.

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