Blogging for SEO

How many blogs are there in the world? It is extremely difficult to track, but some estimates put the total of English-language blogs at 200 to 400 million.  Why, then, should your business undertake a regular blog as part of an SEO campaign?  Won’t it be just one in a sea of other blogs – how will customers and clients find you?

While there are hundreds of millions of blogs, there are also a great many that are inactive. These don’t typically fare well because the lack of fresh content hinders good search engine rankings. So that narrows the field a little.  And while there are millions out there still, there is an estimated 500 to 600 million people reading blogs (in English; with non-English included, the number could swell well past 1 billion). Blogs present a great opportunity to increase your online visibility; but the key is making yourself visible within the realm of blogs. How do you do this?

  • Use keywords.  Do not keyword stuff, or pack your blog posts with keywords that make no sense in context.  You will turn off search engines, not to mention readers.  Make sure you use your keywords selectively: in your title and in the beginning and end of your posts is optimal.
  • Don’t forget to optimise your links “Click here,” doesn’t provide much information.  Instead, consider linking with a phrase that is more specific and relevant to your post/business.
  • Use metatags wisely. Again, don’t stuff these descriptions with keywords, but do give a succinct summary of your post. This is information strictly for the search engines.
  • Back to titles for a second.  Optimise them and make them clear and concise. Clever and witty titles are wonderful, but they may not give search engines or readers enough information.  Save your clever remarks for the post’s text.
  • Optimise your permalinks; these are the URLs assigned to a post when it moves into your archives.  Make sure it contains all, or at least part, of the post’s title, which should be properly keyword optimised!
  • Provide readers – and search engines – with fresh content.  There are millions of abandoned or rarely updated blogs; such a blog will not help your SEO efforts. 
  • Supplement your blog with a Facebook profile and/or a Twitter account.  Social media is becoming increasingly influential, and more people are turning to their networks for answers to their questions.  Your business could be one of those answers.

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