Blekko Integrating Facebook Like Data

Blekko, the new search engine startup we reported on earlier, has integrated Facebook like data into its search results, something that’s taken Bing months to do. Just link your Facebook account with Blekko, by clicking the Facebook button at the bottom of the home page, and you can search your fathers’, mothers’, uncles’, brothers’, sisters’, cousins’, friends’ Facebook likes. Well, maybe it takes a little longer than that, but after appending the new slathtag to your query – “/likes”, you’ll be able to filter your Blekko search results via ‘Likes’ within your Facebook friends network.

Blekko founder, Rich Skrenta, realised that rather than relying on searchers becoming Blekko users to experience the benefits of managed search, why not pull data from networks where content is already managed?

“Basically the new “/likes” slashtag limits results to those curated by your social circle. It occurred to us that you and your friends activity on FB was implicit curation, and to our eyes at Blekko this looked a lot like a slashtag. When you log into Blekko through FB we pull this implicitly curated slashtag out of FB and let you search it. Bing doesn’t change their results in any way based on the FB data.”

And it works a lot better than Facebook’s unhandy search interface, doesn’t try to understand your query intent like other search engines, as you can elaborate on your query by using Blekko’s system of slashtags. Another feature of this integration that’s missing in Bing is the ability to see all the people who have liked the result and then click through on their user name to perform the same search filtered by likes within your shared network.

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