Bing vs. Google: A New Showdown

In the mid-nineties, Google didn’t even rank on the list of search engines everyone cared about. Netscape Navigator, Alta Vista, and InfoSeek were once some of the biggest names in the industry, but as Google emerged, it began to slowly dominate the market, leaving thousands of would-be brands in the dust. Since then, others have been fighting to catch-up, and Bing is just the latest in a strong of others to take on the search engine giant Google

Bing’s Challenge
Bing’s newest tagline is all about “search overload,” leading people to believe that their search results will offer up less “junk” and more relative results. It is true that Bing has a slightly different algorithm than Google, but how it fares in the long run in comparison will be up to the user and how useful they really find Bing’s results to be. One only has to look at and their advertisements about “the algorithm” and their subtle claims about how their results were better. In the end, Ask still ranks lowers than Google in popularity, and the results aren’t looking so hot for Bing either.

Does SEO Still Matter?
But what does Bing mean for SEO? Most business owners have spent thousands and countless hours trying to improve their Google rankings. If Bing does change the landscape, how does it change what businesses have done so far? Cluing in to how Bing’s search works can give a bit of insight into ways to improve SEO when it comes to Bing. Their algorithm uses a stronger emphasis on keywords in URLs, a slight bit of weight to capitalized terms, and has a preference for pages that come from larger sites. Spam gets demoted and pages with more clicks for the same queries get promoted. The chances are good that if your SEO efforts have been fairly mainstream, your site will fare well in both search engines.

Results Still In the Wings
While Bing still hasn’t overtaken Google, it does not hurt to focus on promoting your website by using some of Bing’s search styles. MSN still advertises for Bing and is still seeking interesting ways to bring more traffic to the search site. wasn’t as big as MSN, which may give Bing an edge when it comes to taking on Google.

Don’t Tackle the Task On Your Own!
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