Bing It On: Tips to Optimise For the Other Search Engine

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Ah, you have spent hours upon hours trying to appease the Google gods and suddenly… voila… there is another real contender in the search arena.  Did you know that Bing is now offering big time incentive for those willing to make the switch from Google?  Awarding searchers points for their activity on the Bing site, the company is offering up some pretty substantial prizes for those with enough points to purchase entries into drawings.  The impact that this will have on the search industry is not yet clear, but what is apparent is that Bing is in it to win it and not likely to disappear anytime soon, which means that, as a content creator, you want to be sure that you are appealing to their crawlers as well.

If you think that your efforts to appeal to Google are automatically going to make you a shining star on Bing, think again.  There is a website dedicated to showing the drastic difference in search results between the two search giants.  Don’t believe it?  You can check it out right here.

Back Links Lose Their Influence One of the biggest reasons that there is this discrepancy in results is because Bing doesn’t put so much weight on the back links on other websites.  It doesn’t mean that you should stop your efforts to obtain these links, but simply that, when trying to build you Bing standings, you will need to put more effort elsewhere.  There is some good news about this Bing trend – it prevents the boost in standings for those using immoral link buying practices.  That is certainly a silver lining for those working hard to build their online presences honestly.

Content is Still King There is some debate on this point, but many have come to agree that Bing weighs On-Page SEO even more highly than Google does.  That means that you need to have excellent content, a wealth of relevant keywords, and clean HTML coding.  The good news here is that, if you are having success on Google, then you have likely already been making these efforts.  Just keep it up!

New Sites Rejoice Page Rank is generally something that takes time to build up.  So, new websites automatically get pushed to the back of the search engine standings lineup.  However, with Bing, there is evidence that Page Rank is of less importance and that might just mean that your new website stands a chance of reaching page one in the near future.

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