Bing and Suri: What About SEO?

Ipad And Iphone

The general public was introduced to iOS 7 recently, to much anticipation and a touch of nausea. It seems there are a few bugs to work out yet, including that one that makes you feel as though you have a bug, an unpleasant stomach one. This probably wasn’t the reaction Bing was hoping for when they partnered with Apple! Nausea and only very occasional vomiting aside, Apple, in an effort to keep a step ahead of Google, has joined with Bing. When you use Siri, you will likely be using Bing. What does this mean for users, and for SEOs?

Apple is leveraging Bing’s search capabilities. When you query Siri, your results will appear within that screen without the need to navigate to an external browser. Bing, of course, will be the default search engine. Users will be able to:

  • See 7 trending searches.
  • View maps of local businesses near your location.
  • Get current weather conditions in your area.
  • Take advantage of streamlined sharing for social media.
  • Use Bing Desktop app to synch bookmarks from your PC to your iPad and Android devices.
  • Use Page Zero. It combines autosuggest, Snapshot information (the quick question-answering results on the right side of Bing’s results), and action buttons.

This last feature, Page Zero, is of interest to webmasters and SEOs. Instead of vying to top page one, you want to be on Page Zero. In other words, you want to appear before the search engine results are even generated. With autosuggestion, Bing returns suggestions in milliseconds. But doesn’t Google do this too, with its autosuggestions?

Yes. But, say fans of Bing’s search technology Satori, Bing does it better.  It can make an educated guess and show rich snippets in the suggest box. In the time it takes you to blink, you could have the answer to whatever question you are asking.

Unfortunately, UK users will have to wait a while for this technology, but it’s worth it. If we search for Big Ben, for instance, a small arrow appears before we’re done typing (or talking). Hovering over, we can see a thumbnail of Big Ben, a rich snippet, and quick links for images, videos, maps, and news.  How do you rank well on Page Zero? A Microsoft spokesperson says, “Bing selects content which consumers have proved to find trusted and engaging, and the best way for brands to be found by Bing and connect with consumers is to provide good, relevant content.”

Bing is expanding not only its capabilities and features but its reach. Apple’s iOS 7 is one step  more they have taken. Now might be a great time to consider optimising for Bing.

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