Bing Shopping List: Just in Time for Christmas

If you have tech-savvy children, or a long Christmas wish list, turning to Bing may be the answer to your holiday shopping questions. With the new Shopping List feature, you can check the items that you want, and then share your list on Facebook. That’s right; your entire Facebook community will know that you want a Kindle for Christmas. There’s no guarantee you’ll get it, but why not spread the word?

In fact, though, the reality that you cannot select the people to whom you would like to send the list is one of the limitations pointed out about Bing’s Shopping List. The Wall Street Journal’s Kate Boehret says, “They say in the future they’ll be working on ways to send this list to certain people only, and they’ll also give people a way to create more than one list.”

Online shoppers are expected to spend over $38.5 billion online this year, and says Bing, consumers “use social networks when making decisions about buying products.” Besides putting your shopping list out there with the hope that someone will make your wish come true, the purpose behind Shopping List is to get information and reviews on certain products. This is a route that more and more consumers are taking, especially since the advent of social media.

Ads on social sites play a role in some 30 million purchases in America alone throughout the year, and retailers are hoping for a merrier Christmas than they’ve seen in some time. Facebook’s partnership with Bing has an influence on the search engines 1.9 billion monthly searches, and many expect them to influence purchase decisions as well.  Making an effort to make your brand stand out and winning loyalty among your consumers is key this season as more people turn to their “friend” community for help.

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