The Best CMS for SEO

Many businesses these days look toward a content management system, or CMS, for a variety of reasons. If you need to update your site content more than about once a month, you plan to run a blog, or you need the ability to manage your content from a more remote location, a CMS is a great idea. Worried about SEO once it’s installed? You probably should be, but finding an SEO friendly CMS is easier than you think.

Looking for the Right Choice

There are several factors to look for as you search for a CMS that’s ideal for your optimsation strategy. First, look for a platform that allows customised title tags for both the pages and the various sections of your website. This is particularly true if you have a number of different kinds of sections on site like static pages, a blog, and a forum.

You’ll also want one that offers you the chance to create customised URLs. The ability to include the right URL in your content is a must. Including your keywords in your content is a must for better ratings, and many systems let you manually build the URL to meet the needs of a search engine.

Additionally, make certain the alt tags are clear from an SEO perspective. Images shouldn’t use just the alt tag, though. They should use CSS-Image-Replacement instead.

Which One is Perfect?

There are many great systems out there, but before you choose one for your site, you may want to consult with an SEO professional, particularly if you won’t be installing it yourself. The help of an SEO professional is an absolute must when you’re concerned about the health of your site.

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