Baidu to Dominate China’s Mobile Search Market

Google’s Android OS is very popular with gadget enthusiasts from China, and Baidu is looking to dominate the country’s mobile search market just as it already has more than 70% share in the Chinese 

search market. Baidu is rumoured to be using a group of former Google engineers to develop its own open source mobile OS to rival Android.

Also, China’s major search engine company is currently in talks with the country’s leading mobile phone manufacturers about embedding a Baidu search box on their handsets, designed for the Chinese market. “It’s not a new idea, but nor is it something we’ve done on any large scale yet,” Baidu spokesman Kaiser Kuo said. As Baidu’s CEO Robin Li said, “we’re looking to have a search box very prominently on the phone’s screen”. Although he refused to name any companies, he did mention that “we are talking to quite a few big names.”

With the launch of smart phones and 3G network, the use of mobile internet has been increasingly growing in China, representing now about two-thirds of Internet users in the country. According to a latest report by the China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC), by the end of June, there were 420 million internet users with 65 % of the total amount accessing the web through their mobile devices. Director of Internet Research Department of the CNNIC, Liu Bing said,”Mobile phones will catch up with personal computers to be another main access to the Internet in the coming years.”

Analyst with Analysis, Ren Yanghui, said, “Baidu has steadily been working to take control of the mobile search market, with the embedded search box project another important step. Baidu already has a growing collection of mobile apps that feature services such as search or text input. The company has placed extremely high expectations in its own mobile development department. Now Baidu wants to be the first to establish its own foothold in the growing market of Android phones. “

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