Attracting Guest Posters

All of the infinitely more successful sites have them. They’re guest bloggers, and if  you haven’t considered adding a few guest posts to your site, it may be time to do just that. They can do wonders for your ranking, not to mention your time management skills, as just imagine what you could do with the extra time if you had just one guest post per week! How do you actually get these people who want to work for free to your site? Here’s a quick tutorial that may help.

  1. Visibility Matters. If you’re going to get people to post to your site, you need to make certain there’s an easy way for them to do it. Add a tab, a link at the bottom, or even an ad to the side just to let them know that you’re willing to accept guest posts.
  2. SEO Can Help. You optimise your site for your keywords, why not optimise it for something like “guest posts” as well. Some people search for opportunities like that on a regular basis, so adding it to your site’s keywords could only help your efforts.
  3. Ask and Ye Shall Receive. You likely follow several other blogs on your own, and if they work well with your site, you may want to consider asking those bloggers to post to your site. You may also get turned down, but it never hurts to ask.

As you start thinking about guest posters, there are two things you want to remember. First, the better your site is, the more likely you are to get great authors who want to post to your site. Second, if you start asking for guest bloggers, there’s a chance you could get overwhelmed quickly, so you may want to put some editorial guidelines in place before you ever begin your search.

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