Are You Missing Your SEO Chance with Bing?

Do you optimise for Bing and Yahoo – or Bingahoo, as people have taken to calling the newly formed partnership? According to new research by analytics company, Chitika, nearly half of businesses are
not taking steps to target SEO practices for the number two search engine. Does this matter when Google is so clearly the dominant force in the search world?

If traffic matters, then yes, optimising for Bing and Yahoo matters as well. Chitika estimates that businesses that ignore Bing are missing out on about 10 percent of potential traffic to their sites. Is this worth the time and effort? With Bingahoo posting solid gains, it would see that it is not only worth the effort, it is becoming increasingly necessary to maintain an edge.

Making sure you employ SEO techniques designed for Bing is important, and it can be a tremendous help for local businesses. One business referenced by Chitika specialized in local content; they received 1.8 percent of their traffic from Bingahoo. By allowing engines other than Google to index their pages, it will result in an increase of 21 percent. Where traffic goes, so goes revenue. Studies have shown that traffic generated by Yahoo and Bing is more likely to click on ads, which can make the number 2 engine an important part of your PPC campaign as well.

SmallBusiness.Yahoo has several tips for optimising for Bing and Yahoo. Your content won’t change drastically, but Bing does zero in on different aspects of your page. For instance, it gives preference to older domains. Yahoo suggests purchasing an older domain if yours is relatively new. Another difference is text. According to Yahoo, the amount of text didn’t factor in as heavily when Google indexed sites, but Bing liked pages with at least 300 words.  You can find other tips at Yahoo’s SmallBusiness site, but tweaking your site to appeal to Bing may be a smart move.

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