Are Amateurs the Real Pros of Social Video Marketing?

Think of your favorite viral video. Now think about who made it. Chances are that they were shot and uploaded by amateurs. There are, of course, successful branded viral videos, but something in the average viewer responds to the personal touch that accompanies amateur video.
Professionals are now wondering if their marketing methods are effective or if they could learn a thing or two from the non-pros.

Why do viral videos captivate the world? Why did a little boy named Charlie, who bit his brother, become a web celebrity? It is because, typically, we can relate to these “normal” people. Casey Neistat recently hit gold when he filmed a video in response to a fine he received from a New York City police officer. The offense? Not staying in the bike lane.

Neistat then rode around NYC, hitting any and every obstruction (construction cones, manholes, taxis…). James Schramko, of SuperFastVideo, said, “He definitely got his point across in a humorous and spectacular fashion. He managed to captivate a large audience who either shared his outlook or simply found the video amusing. Either way it was a great video and a great angle.”

Videos like Neistat’s send a message rather than sell a product, and this is a key distinction. More twenty-four hours of content is uploaded to YouTube alone every minute, and the ones that stand out – like the Bike Lane, like Ouch, Charlie, are those that are creative and fun, not standard and soliciting.

Businesses need to tread the balance here between fun entertainment and professional presence. Professionally produced, and marketed, videos are essential, but they do need to capture the public’s attention as the best amateur viral videos do.

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