Ads or Organic Optimisation? Which is Right For Your Site?

You want your site to be at the top of the listings no matter what, right? Many throw off the chains of optimisation in favor of ads for a variety of reasons. Before you make a move one way or the other, there are several things you may want to consider.

The Benefits of Ads

Paid ads offer you several benefits over organic optimisation. For starters, they pay off at a far faster rate than their counterpart. They can also work well with your other efforts. Google has published information that suggests paid ads offer an 89% lift in site visitors, even over your own SEO efforts. Ads also offer you instant access to a level of trackability that you don’t always find with organic optimisation.

Organic Optimisation

Before you start to cancel your SEO service, though, you may want to look at what natural SEO has to offer. A 2012 survey published by eConsultancy suggested that search engine users click on organic results at a rate of 94 percent while they click on ads at a rate of just 6 percent. What’s more, though, is that those who organically rank at the top end up with far higher click through rates than advertisers do.

The Verdict: It’s optimisation by a long shot, but if you simply can’t make it work or you don’t have time for it to move forward, go with the ads. You’ll get at least some semblance of results then.

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