5 Tips for Better Landing Pages

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Get them there, keep them there. Effective landing pages immediately engage your audience and effectively “scratch the itch” that has led them to your site in the first place. But they also go beyond: they entice visitors into staying, exploring what else you have to offer. They create new itches. How can you create landing pages that manage to do all of this effectively?

Some tips to get you started:

  1. Create more landing pages. Studies show that when companies increase the number of landing pages from 10 to 15, their conversion rates increased by 55 percent. That is too significant to ignore. Every offer or every campaign should have its own landing page. Otherwise, visitors land on your homepage and may not be clear on what you want them to do.
  2. Clear CTA. Again, feature one CTA, or call to action, per page. If you have multiple CTAs, you risk confusing the visitor. “What do they want me to do?” Perhaps “confused,” is the wrong word: they might just not care anymore. Craft a very clear CTA that explicitly and clearly explains what you want the visitor to do (Click here to download free report; Buy now! Sign up for our newsletter). Make sure your CTA is uncluttered and the color contrasts with the background and other elements. You want it to stand out like a beacon.
  3. Incorporate your logo. Who are you? The visitor shouldn’t be guessing, certainly not if you want them to complete a desired call to action. At the top of your page, add your business logo. Again, make sure it is not cluttered with extraneous imagery or text. Keep it clean.
  4. Add social validation. What “proof” can you offer your visitors that you are an authority in your niche? Try embedding tweets from happy visitors or satisfied customers or ask a Facebook fan if you can quote a positive message they’ve left on your page. If you have a whitepaper, a report, an ebook, or another type of content, mention how many people have downloaded it.
  5. Create urgency. Buy now or you’ll miss your chance and forever regret not completing our call to action! Well, word it more succinctly, but the basic point is to create a sense of urgency and immediacy in your visitors. CTAs never say, “Take your time; browse at other sites; sleep on it.” They say, “Only one left! Buy now!” or “Offer ends on X day” or “Last chance to save.” Amazon does this like the pros they are: “Buy in the next 2 hours and get it by tomorrow,” or “Only 1 left in stock.”

Landing pages need to convert. That’s their purpose. When you incorporate these tips and keep your design clean and simple, you’ll see an uptick in your conversion rate

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