5 Steps to a Better Conversion Rate


Retail and ecommerce websites have an average conversion rate of about 3 percent; professional and financial service professionals average 10 percent. Your conversion rate is all relative, of course. If you have 1000 visitors a day converting at 3 percent, that is much better than 10 visitors converting at 50 percent. But relative or not, every site wants to encourage more visitors to complete the CTA. Here are five easy ways to boost your conversion rate optimisation efforts.



Remember, CRO is all about user experience. Improving how users interact with and respond to your website helps convert more visitors to customers.

  • Reduce form lengths. This one change can increase conversion rates by up to 300 percent.  When creating your forms, think barebones: what is the absolute least that I can ask my customers and still get the vital information I need? Name, email, phone, address, are standard. Do you really need anything else? Keep in mind that the more questions you ask, the better visitors feel about bouncing.
  • Make it easy to sign in or check out. Adding social sign-in can push visitors the last few inches to becoming customers. Remove all barriers to signing in, signing up, or buying. In addition to making it easier on your customers, you get a wealth of invaluable data to help concentrate marketing efforts and spend. Another option is to offer Guest checkout so people don’t need to create an account.
  • Offer alternative payment options. With high-profile hacking stories dominating the news, consumers are understandably nervous about providing credit card information.  Today, your options are not limited to Paypal – though that’s a great one! Look into Google Wallet, Square (for iPhones and iPads), Amazon Payments, Bitcoin, and other services.
  • Remove clutter. You wouldn’t want to shop in a store that was packed floor to ceiling with junk. Neither do online customers. Again, ask, what do I really need? Get rid of extraneous images, extra text, and content that does not help you tell your story in a compelling way.
  • Craft engaging, clear CTAs. Ditch ambiguous calls to action (“Click here now!”) and replace them with clearly worded messages: “Download Now,” “Click for Free Sample,” “Buy.” Keep it simple and tell customers exactly what will happen when they click through.

Whether your current conversion rate is 2 percent or 10, improvements can have significant impacts on your business.

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