5 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips to Boost Conversion Today


SEO is not dead. That’s the good news! But it’s not the only game in town. Content marketing strategies and CRO, or conversion rate optimisation, has to play a role in an integrated approach. It encompasses creating visibility, attracting people to your site, engaging them there with relevant content, and prompting them to complete a desired call to action. As part of an overall strategy, here are a few ways that you can boost your conversion rate?

Start with your Ads

Make sure your ad copy aligns with your offerings – and that when people click through and land on your site, they get the information they expect. Searchers don’t want to feel as though you’ve “fooled” them or made false claims just to get them there. Further, if your ad features Model XYZ soccer shoes, your landing page needs to also feature – you guessed it – XYZ soccer shoes. Otherwise, you risk people bouncing right out because they haven’t found what they wanted immediately.

Use Negative Keywords

This is where going negative produces positive results, including reducing cost and boosting your return on investment. This is a technique by which you exclude certain search parameters or keywords. So, for example, if you sell custom glasses (as in wine glasses), then you don’t want your ads showing up for people searching for eyeglasses. You can exclude keyword terms related to eyeglasses. This enables you to reach the audience you need – and the ones who are most likely to click through and take action.

Try a Special Offer

If sales fit into your business model, consider a promotion. While we want customers who buy any time, all the time, many shoppers are conditioned to wait for sales. So why not leverage them, if appropriate? You could try free shipping, a discount on a product, or a discount on an overall purchase.

Make Sure Your Contact Information is Clear

This allows interested parties to reach you via email or phone, and it also underscores your credibility. A physical location, phone number, and/or live chat options indicate to visitors that you’re “real.” Considering offering additional proof with social media buttons, testimonials, and trust seals.

Craft Exceptional Headlines

The first, and sometimes, the only part of your page visitors read: make sure that they are well-crafted, clear, concise, and optimised with targeted keywords. The right headlines can help boost your conversion rates and keep people engaged in your site longer.

Take these relatively easy steps today to see an uptick in your conversion rates.


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