3 Twitter SEO Tips

Getting into the world of SEO means utilising the latest technology and some of the hottest web spots. As many know these days, the hottest new spots online often allow for the greatest SEO opportunities. As other sites grow and change to include these hotspots, your SEO rankings will only increase.

This equation for improved success describes Twitter perfectly, and many people these days have already utilised its real time style to improve traffic to their sites and businesses. Google is already starting to index tweets, so if you’ve been thinking about tweeting, here are a few tips to ensure each tweet counts.

Your ‘Name’ Matters

Begin by choosing the best names and crafting a high quality bio. When your handle and account name make sense and are relevant to your business, more people will be able to see how it relates to your tweets and be more inclined to retweet. Check out the name that has the most search frequency so people will see it more quickly should they start searching. When creating a bio, make sure to use critical phrases that also relate to your brand so people will quickly understand what you are about.

Your URL is Important

Twitter does have a “nofollow” link policy, so any links you put out won’t necessarily garner direct traffic. Still, keeping a URL nearby for people to see will allow them to try it on their own in order to find out what you offer.

The First Part Counts!

Make sure to choose the initial part of your tweets carefully. Because Google is starting to index them, the first part of the tweet tends to show up as the tweet’s title. A relevant and useful tweet lead-in can make all the difference. This includes using a keyword rich format for even better SEO results.

Twitter can be a good way to work on your overall SEO strategy, but there are many components to a good SEO campaign. Contact us for further information on how to better your SEO and increase your traffic.

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