3 Strategies to Overcome Google’s Keyword Data Encryption

Does Google simply exist to make your life harder? It’s certainly possible, and you probably feel more that way than ever thanks to their encryption of all keyword searches this fall. If you’re still left wondering what it means for your site and online marketing, we can assure you that it’s certainly nothing good.

Google’s Response (or Excuse)

Google has mentioned that they decided to move to keyword data encryption to offer a measure of protection for their searchers. It’s also possible that they wanted to block federal agencies from spying on them. More than that, though, there’s probably a solid financial motive from Google on this. They encrypted everything but the ad clicks, so they’re likely trying to drive people to use AdWords instead of other methods. Rest assured that there’s a financial picture behind every move Google makes.

A Happy Turn

Luckily, there are a few things you can do. One of the biggest is something you should probably be doing anyway, raising your organic traffic numbers. That means focusing on the results of your business instead of the keywords. You can also track the performance of your URLs, which may make a lot more sense given the volatility of keyword rankings anyway. One final strategy? Use other search engines like Bing and Yahoo to make up the utter data deficit provided by Google’s move.

Google is going to shift and change again and again, so building your entire SEO strategy around them is never a good idea, but in some cases, those changes they make will certainly affect you. Focus on good content, though, and you can never lose.

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