3 Hidden Reasons You Might Be Losing Rankings

Wonder what happened to your appearance on page 1? It’s not uncommon for sites to make a brief appearance near the top, only to take a quick tumble back down the rankings list. For most, an occurrence like this one is the definition of panic in the streets. What can you do if it happens to you? It starts with a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the rankings loss.

Server Outage: It might sound a little on the outrageous side, but if your server crashes, your rankings can actually go with it, especially in the case of extended outages. Don’t worry. If you have a brief crash, then a return, you likely won’t lose any rankings over it, but a crash of twelve hours or more, and you’re headed into serious damage territory, and it will take some time to restore your rankings to their previous level of glory.

Your Site Got Hacked: As unfortunate as it is, sites get hacked all of the time, even good sites that are high on the security end of things. Once a site gets hacked, all kinds of bad things can happen, and among the terrible, horrible things that might occur is a serious rankings loss. In fact, one of the first things you may want to check if you lose your rankings is whether your site has been hacked and your code compromised.

Bad Optimisation Techniques: Whether you’re handling the optimisation of your site on your own or you’ve hired another company to do it for you, poor optimisation is the single biggest reasons sites lose rankings. Google doesn’t even care if it’s your fault. If you outsourced your SEO work to another company, and they completely messed everything up, Google isn’t going to just take your word for it and restore your rankings. Instead, you’ll have to pay your dues to get back up to the top again.

No matter what the reason you lost your rankings, the result is always going to be the same – poor traffic flow. Your best bet to get things up and running quickly is to consult with a reputable SEO team, even just in the short term to enhance your rankings again.

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