3 Hidden CRO Facts That Could Change Your 2014 Strategy

Click. Click. Click. Just because they’re clicking in doesn’t mean they’re actually buying. Any digital marketing agency will tell you that CRO, or Conversion Rate Optimisation, is the key to turning traffic into profits. Unfortunately, there are several little factoids they won’t share with you, too.

  1. Conversion rates online are awful. Dream all you want, but no matter what vertical you’re in, you can only really expect a five percent conversion rate, and that’s going to be true even with some optimisation work. Leave optimisation out, and you’re looking at just a rate of just one to two percent.
  2. More businesses are actively optimising. If you’re new to the game, you’re late. According to the fifth annual Conversion Rate Optimisation Report, nearly 60% of businesses see CRO as essential to their success, so if you’re not optimising, you can bet that your competitors probably are.
  3. Any page where you start a dialog with your visitors is a landing page, and thus needs at least some attention. You can’t simply decide that your best pages are the most important ones. Instead, you need to have a broader focus to help convince people to stay on your site and click through to the ultimate reward.

Optimisation is only getting more important in terms of your conversion rate, and with so many companies finally paying attention, your job may only get slightly more difficult in the months to come, so make certain you’re developing the right strategy now.

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